Company philosophy
The pursuit of all employees in two aspects of material and spirit of happiness, but also make contribution to social progress and development. 
Business purpose
Strive to build quality of water conservancy project.
With the benefit of society, selfless altruism.
Business philosophy
"Respect love"
"Heaven" is the truth, reason is "respect"; and the people are their own compatriots, with benevolence and love is love".
EASTONE people always think the right thing to do, the staff in the first place, the business is only the personality of the projection operator.
Business reference
Adhere to the people-oriented, people's livelihood Adhere to the overall planning, comprehensive treatment
Adhere to the water-saving priority, efficient utilization Continue to deepen the reform and innovation driven

Insist on respect for nature, harmony of people and water Adhere to the law, water science and water management

EASTONE company will build a well-off society

To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream to make new and greater contributions!